About Us

About Us

Executive Summary: The Rio Verde Foothills Standpipe District (RVFSD), established via SB 1432, will work to provide interim potable water solutions to members of RVFSD via a regional fill station. It will be done via an IGA with the City of Scottsdale and a third-party water source for a period of not more than three years.

Mission Statement: We are here to advocate for the Rio Verde Foothills community and work to secure short-term water and oversee the long-term solution. We will be transparent and communicate with the community to keep them appraised of our progress.

About Us: We all live in Rio Verde Foothills and need hauled water to care for our families and animals. We applied for the board, went through the interview process and were all appointed by different government officials. We have taken our oath of office and are a government entity. This allows us to negotiate with water providers and the City of Scottsdale on behalf of the community.


  1. Establish and maintain positive relationships with key stakeholders and the community.
  2. Negotiate and sign contracts with one or more water providers and the City of Scottsdale for a short-term water solution.
  3. Work with key stakeholders to see the long-term solution come to fruition.
  4. Provide the Rio Verde Foothills community with information as both the short-term and long-term solutions are being finalized.
  5. Once the long-term solution is complete, the district will terminate.

District Board Members:

Meredith DeAngelis – Chair

Kent Thomas – Vice Chair

Thomas Braun – Secretary

Michael Miola – Treasurer

Chris Josefowski – Board Member